Prepare for a move and prevent broken glass

Moving Tips - Quincy IL Moving Company

We all know someone who has lost a cherished glass item in a move. By lost, we mean lost forever after is was broken. We know that is a sad day. Not only are you under stress from moving, but then all you can think about is grandma’s cookie plate or your mother’s platter going in the dumpster.

It’s our job here at Quincy Storage & Transfer Company, Inc. to provide packing and moving services, but we’ve also got the right tips to help you right now.

Preparation is key

It is our belief that a rushed move is a perilous one. Start your planning well in advance. We recommend breaking down your belongings in a list by room so that you know just how many boxes and how much packing materials are needed.

Quality tools are essential

Don’t scrimp when it comes to boxes and packing materials. You might be tempted to get free boxes from friends or area businesses, but beware. Boxes that have already been used could be at risk for collapse or be frayed from taping them closed too many times. If boxes have already been sitting somewhere in damp conditions, they could provide a damaging environment for your belongings as well. Wide packing tape, fresh packing paper, bubble wrap, and sturdy boxes will make your job a lot easier!

Finally, the packing can begin

When you’ve got your materials all lined up, it’s time to start packing. Here are several easy to follow tips to reduce breakage.

Plates are best packed vertically and wrapped individually in bubble wrap. Line the top and bottom of the box with wadded up packing paper for extra precaution. Glasses are a different case entirely. Wrap each glass individually with packing paper and place an extra piece of crumpled paper inside the open area. Don’t scrimp on the packing paper and as always, place the heaviest items on the bottom!

When it comes to specialty items including breakable antiques and odd-shaped items, wrap in bubble wrap, but then sandwich the item between two sturdy pieces of cardboard. Tape, tape, tape … when in doubt, put some more tape. This capsule can then be placed in a durable box and nestled with packing paper. Make sure that no protruding pieces are at risk by keeping the item snug and stable.

Quincy Storage & Transfer provides powerful packing services, so if you are looking to move your whole house, a single room, or a single piece of furniture, we have the resources to make sure your goods get there in one piece. Call 217-222-1144 today for our assistance if you’re nervous about a do-it-yourself move!